Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swimming fun!

Three weeks ago Kaiden started swimming lessons with us and it has been so much fun!  I can't believe how fast these past 6 months have gone.  It feels like just yesterday we decided to start trying to conceive but it also feels like Kaiden has always been here. 

We also knew that once Kaiden was 6 months we would have him in swimming lessons.  We go away for a little bit each summer and spend time with family at a couple of different lakes so we couldn't imagine it any other way.  I was happy to find a local pool that specializes in kids swimming lessons, has small classes, keeps their pool super warm and uses UV filtration, reducing the amount of chlorine in the water.  I also agreed with their teaching philosophy which was important as I wanted swimming to always have a positive association.

The best part is Kaiden loves going every week and he loves water too!  Today he was hungry, wouldn't eat and tired but he still enjoyed every minute of his lesson.  It's a fun family outing, for the first three years you go in the water with them. 

Kaiden loves to kick and splash in the water and is hilarious on his back when he insists on throwing his legs in the air and playing with his feet (I think we'll have to try to get a picture of this).  He is already able to go under water which is awesome!

I suspect that weekly swimming lessons will be a family tradition for us from now on!


  1. That is soooo cute! What did you look for in teaching philosophy? I am about to look into lessons for my little man and would love your input!

  2. One of the most important aspects for me was that they believe that creating a positive experience is vital, especially at such a young age. I like that they teach through play. They also treat each child as an individual, respect their skill/comfort level and never compare them to one another. I think that is very important in ensuring that each child has fun at their own pace and doesn't feel like they are not doing a good enough job. They also ensure parents keep a happy, upbeat attitude throughout class and that they stay at their level in the water.

    I like this quote from a place in Florida 'Children's needs and concerns must be respected, while learning in an environment of joy and acceptance, never compromising a baby's well-being through fear and submission. "

    For example, in our class some babies are not comfortable with going under yet, so they do what they are comfortable with, just skimming with their chin, getting their mouth & nose in, etc.

    I also like that everything is taught horizontally because you swim that way. Babies aren't dunked up and down in the water they enter it horizontally whether it is from the edge, stair, your arms, floater or slide.

    When I first started looking for a swim place near me I found that I enjoyed the information from this site.

    Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes, you'll have to let me know. :)