Sunday, October 17, 2010

BBQ Sauce... how I will miss thee

I don’t tend to use too many packaged condiments but if there is one thing that I love it is slow roasted ribs smothered in BBQ sauce!  My favorite sauce is made by a small restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri so it’s not too easy to get.  I usually make my parents bring some up when they visit which isn’t often.

We’ve been making our BBQ ribs the same way for around 6 years but tonight we decided to live on the edge and try Guinness BBQ Ribs.  I was lying in bed with Kaiden waiting for him to fall asleep when Cody snuck in to tell me the bad news.  The first ingredient in my oh so yummy BBQ sauce is… high fructose corn syrup!  Noooo…  One of the first things I learned in my Real Food for Rookies Class lesson on sweeteners was how bad HFCS is for you so there was no way we could use this BBQ sauce any more.  The only other BBQ sauce in our place had HFCS as the fourth ingredient, still not ideal as we’re trying to eliminate it completely, but having ribs without BBQ sauce was just not an option tonight.

It’s a reminder of how crucial reading every label is which I should have learned after our Thanksgiving dinner last week.  I was making pumpkin pie and happily using lard knowing it’s better than Crisco when I glanced at the ingredients in my package of Tenderflake.  That is when I discovered that my lard also included both BHA and BHT which are food preservatives that we want to avoid.

Now I am on a mission to find a good homemade BBQ sauce recipe along with some preservative free lard.  If you have a good recipe and would like to share it, please comment below!

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